Guest Blog: The YOU-Turn

We as a community are facing unsettled and tumultuous times, and the lack of leadership and compassion within our community results in our exclusion from some of the biggest decisions that our City officials make.  The apparent divides between young and old, black and white, rich and poor have created distractions from the pursuit of balance and equality we all share.  The You-Turn is an empowerment philosophy designed to enlighten and motivate the residents of the City of St. Louis to become more involved in the local voting process and dedicated to a better understanding of local government affairs and political issues.

Historically, the voter turnout in local elections is disappointing and leads to our interests being underrepresented -- but this year, we make history!  If we dedicate ourselves to showing up and exercising our right to express our interest and our views, wants and needs AND follow through with the process and create the governing balance we desire as a community, we won’t continue to be left in the dark about issues that directly affect us.  Gun violence, minimum wage, right to work, these are all things you need to turn out to vote for!

According to the 2013 mayoral primary only 22% of the people in this City spiked their vote, and that’s nowhere near enough voices being brought to the conversation.  In 2015, the aldermanic primary, only 9.1% cast votes in that primary, leaving 91.9% of our City subject to the selection of less than a 10th of the population.  These numbers are unacceptable.

It is easy to believe that your single vote doesn’t matter, but don’t be discouraged, and don’t be misled…

Understand that your voice does matter, and your vote does count!  Have belief in yourself and your neighbor, belief in your community and your government.  Take the process back from those who try to neglect you.  Your vote and your voice are amplified when you talk to your friends and neighbors, and empower them to make their voices heard as well!   My vision is that we can plan, organize and drive 10,000 additional voters to their proper polling places and if successful, we would have increased turnout by 4-5%.

This is a call to action for an entire City to hold yourself and those close to you responsible for making the difference this year in voter turnout, giving us the leverage we need to move our City in the right direction.  We need a strong presence from the community in both the primary election and most importantly the general elections.  

This is mandatory!

It’s your turn to take the steps to keep your elected officials accountable, transparent, and serving us, the residents of the City.

Our City depends on us to keep it functioning, keep it progressing, keep it clean, and keep our neighborhoods safe.  This is an opportunity for those of us that want to live in a thriving and diverse cultural and economically balanced City to empower ourselves and shape the direction of our community!

C-Sharp is the Creator of  which is an effort to raise voter turnout in St. Louis.