UniGov St. Louis



Developing a UniGov would launch St. Louis ahead of many other cities in creating one of the most dynamic and innovative systems of government. In a globalized world a UniGov system would protect against internal competition and promote regional interests as a unified front.


  • The City of St. Louis re-enters the County. 
  • St. Louis County becomes 1 Large City-County.
  • The public health department of the City would join that of the County to be in accordance with state law.
  • The 43 Fire Protection Districts would be organized into 6-12 township wards with appropriate sub-districts.
  • The 57 police departments would be organized into 6-12 township precincts with appropriate sub-districts.
  • Business regulation and taxing would be driven at the UniGov level.
  • The Townships would consist of 1 Executive and 5-9 alderman.
  • Only 6-12 Townships would exist.
  • Citizens would elect a UniGov Mayor by popular vote.


Similar to:

  • Indianapolis


  • St. Louis becomes the 8th largest city in America.
  • Signal to the rest of the world that St. Louis is a world-class region.
  • Coordinated Public Health Efforts and increased grant competitiveness
  • Eliminate redundant county level positions in the City creating savings and reigning patronage job positions.
  • Future Incremental and gradual changes made more feasible.
  • Provision of a standing HAZMAT unit to the County.
  • Mutual recognition of validity of police and fire academies between the City and County.
  • Foster greater collaboration on projects like mass transit.
  • Central point of contact for prospective Fortune 500 companies to contact.
  • Regional and broadened scope to economic development.
  • Strong and visibility oversight of Tax Increment Financing
  • Readily available and professionalized data concerning financial spending and reporting.


  • Less visibility of elected officials for residents.
  • Long transition process of syncing services and departments region wide.
  • Infighting over sales taxes.

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