Toll Time!

The residents of the county love to use the city of St. Louis as an escape from suburban hell, but refuse share the load when it comes to fixing the cities problems. I'm talking about repairs to municipal buildings and roads, the ability to afford enough policemen and firefighters to keep the city and its people safe, the schools, crime statistics, etc. It's time to force the hand. If you want to enjoy the city you must pay a toll to enter and leave. St. Louis city residents would have a pass, but non residents would have to pay to play. There would be an automated toll booth at all exits along all the interstates within the city limits and all roads leading into and out of the cityi f St. Louis. It's only fair for everyone share the load if they want enjoy what St. Louis has to offer. You can say people would stop coming, but that's a lie because everything that's entertaining is in downtown St. Louis. As far as tourism goes; it's almost non existent anyway with crime statistics as they are not being unified. Maybe, this would put a fire under the county residents' butts to vote for unification in order to be exempt from the tolls. Once unified, bye bye toll booths.