Take Every St. Louis Ranking and Throw It Out a Window

The problem with ranking St. Louis is that researchers and news outlets alike do not use a standard area. Does "St. Louis" just mean the City? Or is it the County and the City? Or do we go by the Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA) which includes 15 counties? Below we’ve compiled the often contradictory rankings of "St. Louis."

The Rankings

Take every rank you’ve read about St. Louis and throw it out a window.

Then look at a crumbling infrastructure around you, listen to the petty fights over sales taxes, witness Ferguson, reflect on the Rams Departure, regional flooding, policing for profit, the number of elected officials (684) and intricate webs of lawyers. Look at our history. Now think about our future.

It does not take clickbait headlines or a genius to know that almost anything is better than the status quo.


Need some scholarly books to mull over the state of St. Louis? Here you go.

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    On the very second item, Land Area, we need to be working to reuse existing assets and infrastructure, and not exploiting new land. On next ones, we need to encourage young people to stay here in town, and not have to leave for better opportunities. And we should actually promote the quality of life for our Senior Citizens. Our health care is some of best in country, and that’s a great asset for Seniors. Clearly, the city is an asset that is underutlizied. We can infill much new population as well as jobs into our urban core. Clearly we have work to do on race relations, and any improvement here should. be touted, as we now have such a bad reputation in this area. City living should be promoted, as a way to reduce commute times and increase quality of life, and increase use of transit resource we do have, while increasing the number and quality of assets available. Working with the real statistics MSA will help us move forward.