How to Create a Blog Post

At St. Louis Strong we make it easy to share your thoughts with others by providing you with the tools to create your own blog. Never underestimate the power of the pen...or keyboard. Below will show you further steps.

In order to create a blog for the member blog "Town Talk" simply start typing in the "Add Your Voice" space.


Next a white space will appear in which you can type the body of your blog. The menu options will allow you to create headings, format text, create bulleted lists, add block quotes, hyperlink pictures and words, and paste posts from Text or Microsoft Word.


You can always edit your post after its published. Open the post and in member navigation menu on the left you can click on "Edit this Blog Post"


Once you're ready, you can easily share your post with friends, family, colleagues, and followers.


Don't forget to check out what others say and how your post is shared in the comment section below the post.