Chesterfield residents criticize council vote against St. Louis city rejoining the county

CHESTERFIELD - A pair of residents took issue Wednesday with their City Council’s vote last month to officially oppose unification of the city of St. Louis and St. Louis County.

Jake Hollander, a Chesterfield resident is executive director of St. Louis Strong, a non-profit group advocating unification of St. Louis city with St. Louis County. He told Council members and Mayor Bob Nation on Wednesday night: “Your shortsighted political resolution fails to recognize that your interests are intertwined with those of your neighbors.” 

“Your decisions did not allow for consideration of the facts. Simple re-entry would entail that only the city would be responsible for its debt. The county and city police could worry less about jurisdictional lines and more about public safety. Our public health departments could jointly combat diseases and epidemics that plague our region. We could eliminate administrative bureaucracy and reign in rogue courts. We could succinctly promote a competitive economic vision to attract more and larger businesses.”

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