Rename the County

The people in the county did not like St. Louis so they moved, They still do not like St. Louis and have refused to live in St. Louis. They have no interest in St. Louis besides claiming sports team that play in the City of St. Louis, attending attractions that are in the City of St. Louis, and having a place they can claim to others on vacation that there are from. You wouldn't ever claim Chesterfield or Wildwood in California yet want them to think your from the most dangerous city. What's the worst thing that happens there? Traffic tickets and too much construction. You do not believe in the same lifestyle as those in the city and actually have a great fear the city and city life. A recent elementary school game had to be cancelled against St. Roch school by a well-known county school due to being "in a bad neighborhood". If you do not want to play with our kids, we do not want to be associated with you at all. If the county wants to act like they want to join St. Louis City then put some actions in play and stop calling on merely words on paper. Show up and volunteer to clean up downtown, we all know more people outside the city cause more litter than those inside. Go to the city when there isn't something planned. Act like you care about the city. Not the event. If anything the people of the City of St. Louis should follow their politicians led and move towards statehood. The county and the state have abandoned St. Louis. Nothing less. With the crisis of Chicago fighting it's rural counties, maybe it's time for the people of St. Louis to embrace St. Clair and Madison Illinois (home of Alton & East STL population of 500,000) and create the State of St. Louis. We may not see eye-to-eye with them, but at least both know what it's like to be abandoned by their state government. Finally, St. Louis county is not deserving of the name St. Louis. Rename it.