Re-Entry is the easiest way to bring our region into the 21st century by taking the incremental step of adding the City into the County. Simple Re-Entry would put our region on par with almost every other region in America. This small step would resolve the disastrous decision to divorce the County from the City in 1876.


  • The City of St. Louis re-enters the County.
  • This re-entry creates two new County Council Districts for a total of nine.
  • St. Louis County hosts 91 municipalities.
  • The public health department of the City would join that of the County to be in accordance with state law.
  • The County level positions of the City of St. Louis disappear.
  • The County would NOT be liable or responsible for City Debt, unless a special agreement states otherwise.
  • Circuit courts would likely have to merge.

 Similar to:

  • Most regions in the United States (the norm).


  • Signal to the rest of the world that St. Louis is a world-class region.
  • Coordinated Public Health Efforts and increased grant competitiveness
  • Eliminate redundant county level positions in the City creating savings and reigning patronage job positions.
  • Future Incremental and gradual changes made more feasible.
  • St. Louis City contributes to the sales tax pool.
  • Municipalities remain untouched as well as their services.
  • Provision of a standing HAZMAT unit to the County.
  • Mutual recognition of validity of police and fire academies between the City and County.
  • Foster greater collaboration on projects like mass transit.


  • Fights over the earnings tax will continue as usual.
  • Fights over sales tax distribution continue as usual.
  • Does not address Tax Increment Financing shuffling.
  • Political Infighting over during transition phase of circuit courts.

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