How does my profile work?


To learn how to use your account and profile watch this video here or follow the steps below.

Once signing into St. Louis Strong via email, Twitter, or Facebook you become a leader in the grassroots movement toward unity. By clicking on your name you can view and edit your profile, including what is private or public.


Once you've perfected your profile, the fun begins with the supporter navigation menu on the left.


At the top you'll notice a leaderboard. This tells you who is driving the cause among supporters by spreading the word on social media, taking action on the site, enlisting volunteers, and recruiting donors.


If you don't see yourself on any of the Top 10 lists, you can monitor your own social influence and activity under 'social capital.'


To boost your numbers you can start inviting friends to join, enlisting volunteers, and recruiting donors. Every link you share carries a personal ID that tracks progress that happens because of you.


 If something in St. Louis has you irked, inspired, or curious, then you can start a conversation about it on the community blog "Town Talk."


Or if you want to get more into the nitty gritty you can propose actual policies and see what other's propose as well in "People's Proposals"


To keep track of your work and ideas, you can see it all in 'your pages.'


You might even start to build a following among supporters with your ideas and pages.


Just remember to follow the simple rules that the St. Louis Strong community sets.