The County Pot and the City Kettle

Every now and then we receive an irrational and offensive message regarding our work. In this age of social media and anonymous ranting, we expect it. However, we try to take the underlying argument seriously. How people feel does matter and usually there is some form of truth hiding under the spew.

What was once true may have changed, yet the internalized attitude does not. The common angry push back we receive comes in the following form, "The City needs to get it's S*** together."

Every time we encounter this kind of statement we try to hide a smirk that bubbles up from our the deep sense of irony. Hey pot, the County needs to get its stuff together too.

Ferguson is in the County90 municipalities are in the CountyAbuse of Tax Increment Financing is in the County. Misuse of courts, ordinance enforcement, and ticking occurs in the County. It is the fragmentation, inequity, and high crime rates in the County that land our region in negative national headlines. However, the City also has high crime rates, fragmented political structures, and inequity.

Perhaps it's time to stop playing the blame game and take responsibility as a unified region.

(The author is from Chesterfield)