Matthew Porter

Matthew Porter
CEO & Co-Founder, CONTEGIX

“The separation of city and county has been an obstacle to growth and continued prosperity for all Saint Louisans. The time of competing against each other needs to come to an end. We can jointly accomplish so much more through collaboration and efficiency rather than viewing one another as a potential burden to our existing way of life.

Both entities utilize the amazing resources of the entire metropolitan region. Residents, regardless of where they live, use the same parks, drive on the same highways, and visit the same, great area landmarks. It’s time to unify the efforts behind those resources instead of trying to determine which segment of the population should bear the financial burden for each.

In truth, the reunification of the city and county is reflective of the reality. As a business owner in downtown Saint Louis, I have employees from every corner of the metropolitan area. We are seeing a shift among our younger employees who increasingly choose to live in the city. Other employees are moving to the county as they progress to the next stage of their lives. Yet, these very same people all identify themselves as Saint Louisans. It’s time to start acting as such.”

— Matthew Porter