Messenger: An open letter to Monsanto CEO Hugh Grant

One key area of progress is that there has been a tremendous amount of talk over the past two years about fixing the broken government structures in the region. From Better Together to St. Louis Strong, from the editorial board to the Legislature, there is a growing consensus that there has to be a way for our community to speak with a unified voice.

You know this. Even during the process of your sale to Bayer, you had to run the gantlet of government leaders and civic organizations to tell your story about why you think Monsanto’s sale won’t be a bad thing for St. Louis.

That brings me to the second thing you said, just a few days ago.

“It doesn’t sound like it, but I’m a St. Louisan,” you told one of my Post-Dispatch colleagues. Your Scottish brogue gives away your roots across the pond. But, as you said, “I’ve lived here for the last 20 years and raised my family” here.

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