St. Louis needs a transfusion of free thinkers

Kudos to Jake Hollander, a 23-year-old with a vision of uniting the St. Louis region ("Young man takes on quest of city-county reunification," Feb. 10).

James Neal Primm, in his book, "Lion of the Valley," a history of St. Louis, details how our city became so fragmented as it grew. Our situation is unique in the U.S. and hurts the region politically and financially. This young man is determined to fix what is wrong with the St. Louis area.

I wish him luck because the city I love definitely needs a transfusion of free thinkers and not the status quo of leadership. Our city needs to regain the respect we once garnered, but that's only going to happen if the naysayers finally have no say at all.

Pat Minute  •  Florissant

Originally published in The St. Louis Post-Dispatch.