Saint Louis Strong to Undergo Leadership Transition

July 7, 2017, ST. LOUIS – Jake Hollander, founder of the grassroots nonpartisan, nonprofit organization, Saint Louis Strong, will shift his focus to youth empowerment by joining Wyman Center, effective July 6, 2017.

Having spent over two years publically advocating on behalf of a more united and equitable region, Hollander, who also currently serves as Executive Director of Saint Louis Strong, will transition to serve as Associate Director of Philanthropy and Community Engagement at Wyman.

Wyman’s mission is to empower teens from economically disadvantaged circumstances to lead successful lives and build strong communities. Wyman’s multi-front approach empowers teens, equips adults, and strengthens systems.

“I started St. Louis Strong because I believe that courage should determine the potential of individuals and the character of communities. I remain committed to the cause of equity and that’s why I’m thrilled to join Wyman in the next phase of my career,” said Hollander. “Working with Wyman will allow me to continue fighting for that belief – starting with our region’s greatest and most important asset – our youth.

“Instead of working to improve our region only at the macro level, I will be able to help young people across the region build a brighter future, while also advancing Wyman’s ability to support the adults and strengthen the systems that surround them.

“It’s an exciting time for our region. Our leaders are having the right conversations now to remove the barriers that create inequity, due in part to the work of Saint Louis Strong. I remain proud of our work and will never be able to fully thank our supporters, my friends, and my family, enough for their kindness, enthusiasm, generosity, and support.”

Hollander will remain involved on the Saint Louis Strong board. The Saint Louis Strong website and social media channels will continue to remain open to the public so that residents may express and advocate their ideas for a new regional structure via the open blog and proposal forums.

St. Louis Strong is a grassroots coalition dedicated to creating a healthier sense of community and promoting a stronger economy for St. Louis through regional education, community engagement, and advocacy training.