Improbable but not Impossible: Consolidating the Public School Districts

​I know this is a controversial issue for many areas in the region, yet I believe it is important to address. Our region currently has 24 public school districts encompassing both the city and the county. Consider this: If we can consolidate the districts that are unaccredited and merge them into a district that is accredited by the state, the quality of education can exponentially rise. We can also merge the small school districts into the larger neighboring districts. By doing this, not only will the quality of education rise but also our crime rate can potentially decrease. If the smaller public school districts merged into the larger school districts, there can be more funding to provide higher salaries for teachers and administrators, to provide better uniformity in the curriculum and the state can fund more new programs that can help kids receive the tools they need to go to college and live a better life. My proposal is to shrink the number of school districts from 24 to 10.

Here is my proposed breakdown of consolidation of public school districts in St. Louis County:

Valley Park merges into Parkway

Affton, Bayless and Hancock Place merge into Mehlville

Ritenour merges into Pattonville

Ferguson/Florissant merges into Hazelwood

Maplewood-Richmond Heights, Brentwood and Clayton merge into Ladue

Riverview Gardens, Jennings, and Normandy merge into University City

Kirkwood and Webster create a new combined district


Proposed Post-Merger Breakdown of School Districts:

  1. Pattonville
  2. Hazelwood
  3. Parkway
  4. Mehlville
  5. Lindbergh
  6. Ladue
  7. Rockwood
  8. Kirkwood-Webster
  9. University City
  10. St. Louis City

What do you think?