Rick Holton, Jr.

Rick Holton, Jr.
Holton Capital Group

“I have met with many early stage companies from outside St. Louis in search of venture funding and a new home. The number one concern expressed about moving their businesses here for funding is that the city is too small and the crime rate is too high. They don’t realize that the metrics are only based on the city proper data and certainly don’t reflect the metropolitan area. With the strike of a pen, St. Louis goes from the 54th largest city (not even top 50!) with the highest crime to the 8th largest with a crime rate that doesn’t rank on any of the lists. If we want new companies and immigrants to move to St. Louis, we absolutely MUST work toward reunification of the city and county. It is time to follow its proven success as witnessed in Nashville, Cleveland, Indianapolis, and Louisville. Let’s compete globally instead of locally.”

— Rick Holton, Jr.

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