St. Louis Strong Works to "Lift the Gateway Higher

About two years ago, Jake Hollander left a promising public relations career in D.C. to come home and found St. Louis Strong. The organization is working to bring all corners of the city and county together to move toward reunification.

Unlike previous attempts, Hollander and his organization are including everyone in the city rather than just the major players, and don’t endorse any one plan. Instead, the organization hosted a series of community discussions that Hollander says will be the first step in his “people first” approach to drafting a plan for reunification that is truly from the people of the city and county – a plan that he hopes will come to a vote at an upcoming election.

Why does he do this?

Because he believes in St. Louis.

Hollander is a native St. Louisan, but growing up he never thought he would stay – or come back to town. Then “Ferguson” happened.

Up in D.C., Hollander found himself standing in a rapid response room surrounded by monitors broadcasting images of “my hometown imploding under the weight of its ugly history,” he said.

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