Gwendolyn Packnett, Ph.D.

Gwendolyn Packnett, Ph.D.
Assistant Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, University of Missouri-St. Louis

“We have limited the full scope of our greatness. Our city deserves to be recognized at its best — as the cradle — the home of the 1904 World’s Fair. There are no greater cultural and educational institutions, no greater healthcare institutions, or parks, and recreational facilities than found in St. Louis City and County. We are the Gateway to the West. Our history, the architecture of our buildings, our diverse communities, are all a draw to our area, but we limit the full scope of our greatness.

Winston Churchill aptly declared, ‘The price of greatness is responsibility.’ As a native of St. Louis, I’ve lived in both the city and the county. I’m convinced we are obligated and therefore responsible for making the full scope of our greatness known. I believe this is best demonstrated through combining our city/county’s best resources at all levels.

As we embark upon the 250th birthday of our city, the resounding words of Dr. King hold truth, ‘Now is the right time to do the right thing.’ I assert now is the right time to share the full scope of our greatness as ONE St. Louis. We are responsible for our story, our images, our reality, not slanted data or undeserved images. A unified city is one that bespeaks the full scope of its greatness. We deserve to be that city. ”

— Gwendolyn Packnett