Borough St. Louis



In addition to bridging the gulf between the City and County, a borough system of government would create greater accountability, generate a professional civil service, and balance power. Governing authority would rest not at the County Executive level but among the Borough Councils. This idea was proposed by former state representative Cole McNary (R) and former county executive Gene McNary (R). A Borough Plan has previously been proposed but failed.



  • The City of St. Louis re-enters the County.
  • This re-entry creates nine boroughs.
  • The public health department of the City would join that of the County to be in accordance with state law.
  • The County level positions of the City of St. Louis disappear.
  • Each borough elects a Mayor and each borough has seven districts electing a councilman from each forming the borough legislature.
  • The regional government is managed by a Council of Mayors which serves as the legislature and hires a CEO to manage the Regional government.
  • Boroughs deliver services where Regional coordinates shared services, provides county functions and sets standards.
  • The 43 Fire Protection Districts would be organized into 9 borough wards.
  • The 57 police departments would be organized into 9 main borough precincts.
  • Business regulation and taxing would be driven at the district level.
  • The Boroughs would consist of 1 Mayor and 5-7 alderman.
  • From the 9 Borough Executives, they would appoint a Borough-wide Executive.
  • 45-63 borough wards would exist.

Similar to:

  • New York City
  • Toronto
  • London


  • St. Louis becomes the 8th largest city in America.
  • Realize economies of scale for municipal services.
  • Signal to the rest of the world that St. Louis is a world-class region.
  • Coordinated Public Health Efforts and increased grant competitiveness
  • Eliminate redundant county level positions in the City creating savings and reigning patronage job positions.
  • Future Incremental and gradual changes made more feasible.
  • Stronger political representation in Jefferson City.
  • St. Louis City contributes to the sales tax pool.
  • Municipalities remain untouched as well as their services.
  • Provision of a standing HAZMAT unit to the County.
  • Mutual recognition of the validity of police and fire academies between the City and County.
  • Foster greater collaboration on projects like mass transit.


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