Brian Murphy

Brian Murphy
President & Managing Member, BAM Contracting LLC

“I approach the merger of St. Louis City and County from the perspective of a person who is not a native St Louisan (and did not go to high school here!). I have grown to love “THE LOU”, its people and believe in its future. I firmly believe one of the main obstacles to St. Louis becoming a great city is that St. Louisans don’t believe it can be. Our town needs a renewed sense of community, pride, shared direction and destiny that could begin with the merger of St Louis City and County.


St Louis will survive and prosper as a region or we will continue our long painful slide to a place where no one wants to live and invest. A place our children want to leave because they see better opportunity elsewhere. I want to add my voice to others who seek a different outcome. I think we are a better community than that. We cannot hunker down in our own individual City, County bunkers and hope things will get better with everyone doing their own thing. Let’s embrace something new together! Let’s think big! Let’s get this merger done!”

— Brian Murphy

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