Believe in a Greater St. Louis

Why does a region with world-class resources and a history of pioneering complacently accept an archaic, financially burdensome, and discriminatory status quo? Because we stopped believing that things could change for the better. We stopped believing in each other. We stopped believing in the spirit of St. Louis—almost.

The coder leaving the incubator in the middle of the night, the business owner opening once shuttered doors, the activist beating the pavement, the transplant constantly questioning, and the student reaching for more coffee have disturbed the slumbering soul of St. Louis.

St. Louis has the chance to awaken that spirit which had once lifted us to unknown heights. The question is not whether or not we have the will to change, but whether or not we choose to believe that change is possible. Fortunately, people all around this region who have worked thanklessly in the dark have stumbled upon guiding light, which is simply faith in a brighter future.

By removing the borders that hold us apart, admitting the faults of our past, and working together, we can create a St. Louis in which all residents have the opportunity to become who they truly are—pioneers, pilots, artists, entrepreneurs, and leaders. Just imagine where St. Louis could stand in five to twenty-five years if we addressed our antiquated structures and deepest disparities. Perhaps we’ll boast several rail lines, lightning fast fiber, a bustling smart city, thriving interconnected suburbs, and a common purpose. United we can once again create a greater St. Louis…at least that is what we choose to believe.