We Applaud the Mayor of Dellwood

Leadership and political courage are hard to come by in St. Louis. Perhaps, they're as rare as that Charizard you're chasing with Pokémon Go. However, at least in Dellwood, one mayor is taking a small step to bring people together.

On July 23 at 4:00pm the City of Dellwood is hosting a free 'Unity Fest' open to the entire region. Mayor Reggie Jones is thinking beyond himself and his City as he seeks to bring together clergy, elected officials, police officers, and average citizens. This type of initiative is a breath of fresh air for a region drowning in division.

However, Dellwood does only sit on 1.03 square miles of land and holds only 5,010 residents. Such proportions make it extremely difficult for the City to maintain itself with a small tax base and unsustainable consumer base. Still, it is nice to hear a mayor and a municipality seek common ground.

For more details about Dellwood's Unity Fest click here.