Perhaps there is opportunity to streamline within SLMPD

Could Technology Help With Getting Search Warrants?

Reading this story in STLToday:


Makes me wonder if our police have the tools they need for securing search warrants in an expeditious, but legal way.

The officer in this story apparently reused "boilerplate" language in the search warrant request, which caused the prosecutors to drop the charges against the suspects of a drug house.  

What tools does the department have for requesting a search warrant in such a case?  

Is there way to check off certain observations in a list?  Then provide details such as make of car and description of suspects, or does the entire thing have to be typed or written out in its entirety?  

Could a common set of tools used by the SLMPD and St. Louis County departments be used to improve both the quality of the information collected in a search warrant request, and also make sure that the information collected satisfies the need for a search warrant, while also helping the prosecution down the line?   

Think it would be helpful to understand if we have equipped our officers with the best tools and best training for 2016, or if there are issues with the process or the technology that makes the officer's / department's job more difficult that it should be.