Permitting Processes Can Give Entrepreneurs the Blues

Noticed these articles in STLToday and RFT regarding the company that wants to provide storage for concealed carry weapons to Cardinal fans during the games.  The principal of that business makes some valid points about the difficulty in getting required permits to start up his business, although I think he should be able to navigate this minefield successfully if he chooses.  

But in the City, there is really crazy process for moving things forward.  It takes blessing from the local Alderman, plus getting one or many permits for various aspects of the business.  Anywhere along the line, the new business owner can stumble, and lose valuable time, or just give up entirely.  And that is just the city.

Typically, in the Bar and Restaurant industry, consultants are hired, who have the expertise to deal with this minefield, and its a necessary expense for the new business in bringing certainty and minimizing costly surprises in business startup.  

And just think, this is only for the city.  STL County has its own myriad set processes as well. 

Part of unification should include simplified ways for the city and county to help businesses start up, while ensuring the public good.  And doing so, in an efficient manner, reducing the burden on small and large businesses.  

Here's link to the RFT article on the Gun Storage business.