Example Where Fragmentation Hurts Law Enforcement and Public Safety

Just wanted to provide an example in law enforcement where our fragmented government makes us less safe, and makes it easy for criminals to evade arrest and prosecution.  

My sister had her car stolen while she was airing up her tires at a service station on Chambers Road (in St. Louis County police jurisdiction) close to the school district office where she works.  Her purse and phone were also stolen with the vehicle.  

We used "find my iPhone" to track her phone to a location nearby (a residence in City of St. Louis).  

We contacted SLMPD with this information, hoping to get them to intervene and go to that location.  They explained that because the crime occurred in St. Louis County (not their jurisdiction), that we needed to contact St. Louis County Police.

We contacted St. Louis County Police.  They explained that since the phone was traced to St. Louis City, we needed to contact SLMPD.  

So we have no action, because of these needless artificial boundaries.  And criminals take advantage of this situation every day in our metro area. 

So not only is there tremendous expense operating all these separate police departments, their every day mission of law enforcement is hindered by all these artificial boundaries to progress.