Combined City / County, with common Economic Development, and Shared Services

I'd like to see a combined City of St. Louis / St. Louis County. Not sure whether this would have STL city enter STL County, or if a combined City/County Government was created. Even if some existing St. Louis County municipalities would continue to exist, there would be a common Economic Development Arm which would span both City and County, and hopefully also include St. Charles County, Jefferson County as well. In addition, whatever entities that would remain would have shared services for accounting, purchasing, Street Departments, Park Departments, where economies of scale could be realized to reduce administrative cost and ensure uniform level of service across the area. City and County building codes could be made common, taking into account uniqueness of some building structures in the city. Also business licensing could be made common as well, but taking into account unique needs for certain areas of the city (zoning) to protect certain quality of life aspects.