Borough offers central point of contact

Here is an idea that a unified government could and should offer. My vision of the borough government is that it would be the service delivery unit. There is no reason for residents to call multiple numbers to receive multiple services. Requiring multiple numbers is a necessity of disintegrated governments and it is parallel to listing different numbers to contact the police for different crimes. (If being robbed press 1, if being held at gunpoint press 2, if your neighbors cats are climbing on your car press 3, …). Attached below is a link to a page offered by the City of Chesterfield on who to call for a range of services. I don’t blame Chesterfield for putting together the guide (as Chesterfield is one of the better municipalities), but we as St. Louisans should insist that the government serve as a central source for issues even if many of the services are delivered by private providers. Rather than responding with "that’s not my department, call someone else," a modern metropolitan government should offer a central point of contact where a resident could call, explain what is needed and at least be transferred to the proper department or service provider. I doubt our current system is capable of delivering such a service. How is one to know if it is a federal, state, county or city road? Isn’t it our government’s job to know?