Authentic Grassroots

Saint Louis Strong is a non-partisan nonprofit. By gathering residential input through community roundtables, collecting expert insights, and crowd-sourcing, St. Louis Strong authentically develops inclusive grassroots policy change. We will guide community plans and designs. At the end of the day, the buck stops with each resident.

 Our Belief

Courage—not boundaries—should define the potential of individuals and the character of communities. In order to bring out the true character of our communities, St. Louis Strong creates inclusive spaces for individuals to honestly share and advocate for policy solutions that address and realize our shared fears and aspirations. By doing so we develop a healthy grassroots community with unbounded potential.

 In essence, we believe courage creates community.

Our Mission
St. Louis Strong is a non-partisan nonprofit that seeks to create a healthier sense of community and promote a stronger economy by guiding residents through building their own future.

Our Values



In order to realize our mission statement, St. Louis Strong will provide easy to read information, collaborate with community stakeholders, and research policy on behalf of the region’s residents. In doing so, St. Louis Strong champions the people's effort to build a stronger St. Louis community.


Regional Education
Scholarly research by Colin Gordon, Lana Stein, and groups like Better Together, the Department of Justice, Ferguson Commission, and Police Executive Research Forum demonstrates the social and economic damage caused by the disconnection of 91 municipalities. The initial push of St. Louis Strong will be to further educate the region of the current injuries resulting to years of division and possible long-term costs to the health of the region.

Community Engagement
By raising awareness, St. Louis Strong will garner further support by urging concerned citizens and members of the region to offer their time, talent, or resources to further life a shared community identity.

Advocacy Training
By uniting a broad coalition of residents, community leaders, business leaders, and experts through their active participation and exploration of our group’s goals and activities, we will help citizens navigate the channels of policy change.

Founder and Executive Director
Jake Hollander

Jake Hollander is the Founder and Executive Director of the non-partisan advocacy nonprofit, St. Louis Strong. The organization seeks to create a healthier sense of community and a stronger regional economy by advocating for the combination of the City and County and the reconsideration of municipal services and borders.

Prior to founding St. Louis Strong, Hollander worked in Washington, DC for the public affairs firm Dewey Square Group, concentrating on issues surrounding telecommunications and technology.  Hollander also gained experience in the governmental and nonprofit sectors by serving as a volunteer teacher for adults seeking their GED at the Academy of Hope and interning for the office of Senator Claire McCaskill.

Hollander attended American University, graduating with a double major in Political Science and Philosophy with a concentration in law.

Fun Facts: Plays trombone and guitar, writes in third-person, first worked at Fortel's Pizza Den.
Life Goals: Help unify St. Louis. Watch the Blues win a Stanley Cup.

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