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    As a grassroots movement we're committed to incorporating the voice of the people into the creation of our restructuring plan. Please tell us what you would like to see by answering the following 10 questions. This is your opportunity to become a founding father or mother. Let's write the future together. St. Louis Strong has not adopted nor proposed a specific form of unification yet.

    The second to last question will ask you to describe your ideal structure. Please use as much or as little detail as you like. Try "Build a New St. Louis" to help create your vision.

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    Guest Blog: The YOU-Turn

    We as a community are facing unsettled and tumultuous times, and the lack of leadership and compassion within our community results in our exclusion from some of the biggest decisions that our City officials make.  The apparent divides between young and old, black and white, rich and poor have created distractions from the pursuit of balance and equality we all share.  The You-Turn is an empowerment philosophy designed to enlighten and motivate the residents of the City of St. Louis to become more involved in the local voting process and dedicated to a better understanding of local government affairs and political issues.
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    Failure of Fragmentation: Nov 8 Tax Hikes On the Ballot

    Another election is coming up and that means more tax increases on the ballot to prop up fragmentation in St. Louis County. The April and August ballots included several tax increases and bond issues. The next ballot looks much the same.
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